The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

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The 7th Spiritual Secret of Sefer 72

The Name of Messiah is ...... ינון - The End-of-Times Vision from King David from Psalm 72

Understanding this period of Spiritual Enlightenment concludes the story of life on Earth

with a Happy Ending of wholesomeness as explained in the Book of Daniel ספר דניאל


All the SpiritualSecrets hidden in the Jewish Lucky Number 72

King David knew that every Jewish person would resonate to the lucky number of 72

So he hid the spiritualsecrets of the end-of-times in Psalm 72

לפני שמש ינון שמו - Psalm 72 Verse 17



The above passage explains that there's an exact destined plan of destined events for the "world"

as explained in one of the greatest Jewish books on Astrology - פרקי דרבי אליעזר Pirkei De-Reb-Eliezer


7. The Name of Messiah is ...... ינון

All nations in the world will know the name of Messiah

Many fulfill this prophecy by the fact the name of Jesus Christ is known by Everyone in the World


There's an complete aura of confusion - regarding the "end of times" - and that's because the mystery of the Divine - wanted it to be so - as explained by many prophets and in the Book of Daniel. But people - are stupid - so they make-up stories of how the end will be - with all kinds of apocalyptic bullshit - that's because the TRUTH is THEY DON'T KNOW.


The TRUTH s NO-ONE knows - and no-one is supposed to know THE DATE and the time of the Lord. Therefore anyone who claim to know are liars. Until you arrive at this conclusive truthful fact - you might believe the liars - but because it makes you fearful and confused when you read "their" garbage - Sefer72 - defines that it can't the TRUTH - because the last 4 verses of Psalm72 define a time of amazement of seeing wonders in the world. No-where in Psalm72 does it predict WWIII, nuclear holocaust of any country in the world or even the destruction of Israel.


Whilst some idiots create worry, confusion and nonsense for others to believe in - the truth is that there's a destined plan - Psalm 72 describes the journey of amazement and enlightenment at the "end of times" - however - as predicted by King David - people are stubborn and will always deny the truth until - that "one" special day - when all will suddenly, surprisingly and totally unexpectedly - become clear to everyone.


It could come any time of any day. And the reason it's not be revealed is that - the Divine Creator wants each and everyone to continue the pathway of their lives and letting it all unfold in a seemingly "natural" manner - whilst simultaneously deceiving those who want to be deceived. In SpiritualSecrets5 - I explain that Psalm72 conceals many secrets in the double-meaning of the hebrew words.


Everyday - there's amazing things we see and don't realize...

Let us be honest - none of us - even knows the life-energies contained of the cells in our body

no-one even knows the wonders of planet earth that's hidden and beneath our feet

no-one yet knows the exactness of the correlation between soul, mind and body


There's lots of mysteries of "life" that we all still need to learn about "life" . The current phase of enlightenment - will be revealing these secrets to all of us - we are living in AMAZING times - but some people just take it all for granted and are ignoring the miracles that are happening before our own eyes. Some don't even think - others call it Science.


I've said it many times and believe it so that - the INTERNET IS A MIRACLE - a KARMIC GIFT from the DIVINE CREATOR - who was it that inspired brilliance in scientists and inventors to give us the gadgets we have today? who have humans the enlightened wisdom to do what they're doing today - which we didn't do - 10 years ago - because the wisdom wasn't yet given to us.


Whilst the Pisces-born Steve Jobs of blessed memory had a brilliant vision of iPhone / iPad - [which others have copied] - could you have imagined even 10 years ago - that - you'd have the internet in your hands wherever you go - it is an AMAZING wonder.


According to Psalm72 - there's many amazing things that we see with our own eyes - but don't even realize it - and that there's going to be many more amazing things - that "some" still won't realize what's unfolding. All of which will lead to the BIGGEST amazing moment - when the whole universe will be filled with and see the Lord - forever and ever.


Psalm 72 explains the journey to amazing enlightenment

The last 3 verses define the journey of amazement - it does NOT define a journey of destruction !


17 His name is forever, before the sun his name of Yinon was given: all nations are blessed and happy because of his existence.
Explanations:- the name of YINON according the Jewish tradition is the name of the messiah - David is revealing this in Psalm 72 to inform all Jewish people that Psalm 72 is the most important psalm to explain the greatness of unfolding destined events preceding the "end of the world".


YINON is a mysterious secret acronym of a SpiritualSecret - the entity of YINON understands the map of the destined future and of life on Earth, secrets are always mysterious until you decipher the code to unlock the secret - this generation is the time when unlocking of wisdom and codes is happening before our own eyes.


18 Blessed be the Lord God, the God of Israel, who does amazing things alone.
Explanations:- the final day of the Lord - will be amazing for everyone - contrary to all the nonsense you read on the internet - there's not a doom and gloom ending - there is in fact an amazing ending and a time when everyone will be amazed.


19 And blessed be his glorious name for ever: and let the whole universe be filled with his glory; Amen and Amen.
Explanations:- implies clearly there will a destined time - when everyone everywhere in the world will be saying THANK YOU GOD - and the prophecy of Psalms 117 - הללו את יהוה כל גוים שבחוהו כל האמים - means - "All Nations will Praise GOD - All peoples will Thank GOD" - it is not just exclusive to the Jewish people - but all people's and all nations of the world.


ינון YINON is a Spiritual Light that shines Wisdom

Psalm 72 explains the journey of humility and enlightenment

Whilst some have attempted to guess the secret acronym of the 4 letters of the hebrew word ינון yinon


It's always funny to read all the guesses that people make to work-out the puzzle of the name of the Messiah called ינון YINON - but the truth the 4 hebrew letters of YNVN - "yinon" - define INNER LIGHT and INSPIRATIONAL WISDOM - which given, inspired and intuited to all who are humble and poor.


As explained - in SpiritualSecrets2 - the spiritual inspirational wisdom at the end of times is completely and only given to the humble and poor - that's why - if you want to retain your spiritual gifts - make sure you remain humble and poor.


For all of you - who've experienced moments of true inspiration - you "know" the feeling - when your mind comes alive with an energy - it makes your face and head glow with an inner warmth - the feelings you get makes you realize that you're receiving something that you couldn't possibly have figured-out by yourself - as the truth is all true wisdom is inspirational - it simply - comes to you as a GIFT.


The Name of Messiah is ...... ינון

All nations in the world will know the name of Messiah

Many fulfill this prophecy by the fact the name of "Jesus Christ" is known by Everyone in the World


It is clear that everyone believes in "something" greater than yourself - even if people call themselves atheists - when they're in a an emergency, in traumatic situation or in danger - they call out to "GOD" or to "Jesus Christ" - everyone calls on "someone-up-there" when they're in danger. You've heard it - you hear it all the time - you've seen it written too - people exclaiming - OMG - "oh my GOD" - or when they see an accident or see something shocking and awful - saying "Oh - Jesus Christ"!


It fulfills the prophecy - of "All nations in the world will know the name of the Messiah". Indeed, you can't deny the truth - as everyone everywhere knows the name "JESUS CHRIST". But for people who don't want to believe or talk about the greatness of Jesus Christ - that's alright - because as explained on SpiritualSecrets3 - everyone has a DESTINED TRUTH that you believe in - and it is all channeled to the same collective spiritual consciousness.


We are all indeed just pieces of the same puzzle. Look at the reality - the truth is all of humanity - everyone is living on planet Earth - we are all moving together as - Earth speeds through space around the sun - each day of every year - and our solar system is merely a small speck of almost insignificance in the infinite infinity of the Galactic Milky Way. King David in Psalm 72 - written 3000 years ago - wanted each of us to realize these truths - and then to be amazed by it all.



"The Messiah coming to Earth has been cancelled"

Instead the prophetic vision that all will suddenly end of the specific day of the Lord will in fact happen


"The Messiah coming to Earth - has been cancelled" - I once saw this on the internet and it made us laugh a lot - because - the biggest man-made CON that's creating the biggest CONFUSION in the world - over many generations is the nonsense about coming of a Messiah !


As explained on - the Holy Spiritual Soul of Messiah - the only destined time of the Messiah was PRIOR to the destruction of the 2nd temple in 70 AD - and NOT at any other time afterwards. That defined Jesus Christ as the Messiah. Anyone who has claimed or claims to be "messiah" has been proven to be a fake and a liar.


Man-Made Religions have always conned people

The truth is those people had nothing to do with GOD or any truthful religious beliefs

They used it all as LIE to con people. They always lied and always will lie ....


In Constantinople in the year 1666 - a famous kabbalist Sabbatai Zevi - conned people to believing he was the Messiah and the redemption of the Jewish People was underway - and that everyone should sell-up and move to Palestine. Yes - the year 1666 alone - excited people - but it was all bullshit, lies and nonsense. Eventually he revealed himself to be the big "f**k-up" that he was - but he ruined lives of people who believed in the garbage. Every generation has bad people who create fear and bullshit. And in the age of the internet - there's plenty of it on the internet !


In hindsight - we can read his story and all the other weird stories of "f**k-ups" that claimed to be "Messiahs" - and come to the same honest conclusion that they are all liars and bullshitters. Ah - yes - why am I using such strong language is because TRUTH really needs to be SAID LOUDLY. But no-one listens to the TRUTH. It's exactly the same as all dates that declared it was going to be the end-of-the-world. Do you remember 21st December 2012 - you too came to the same conclusion which every normal person knew anyway - but there are always idiots who believed in the garbage.


When you look at people who have worried thoughts - their aura looks dead and disturbed - "they" can't even smile - like the empty people you see in this world - full of stupidity - you can sense their stupidity in the way some of them dress! Have you ever looked at all the depressed grumpy people coming out of religious services - rarely do you find people with a happy smile.


To have found GOD is something you feel from within - to have found the meaning of your life - to have found love of life - is a karmic gift - you don't need to travel - because it's within you - wherever you are.


In the Book of Love - Chapter 15 - I explained that the reason many people are running-away from themselves is because they hate their own lives - the truth is when you ACCEPT yourself - when you ACCEPT all your qualities - when you ACCEPT the life you have been blessed with - accepting both the good and the bad - is when you can begin to LOVE LIFE - that's because you're at peace with yourself. And that's the reason why people search for and believe in stuff that is 100% nonsense - is that they're not "at peace" with themselves.


Indeed, I've read a lot of NONSENSE - especially on some of the kabbalist's websites - some of whom are warning their followers to get out of USA, especially Miami, others are warning to get out of France and London, England - and whilst I look at the news - I see migrants from Syria and Africa are headed towards France and England - is it me - or is there an apparent sense of LEAVE wherever you're living.


The truth is you can't run away from yourself - and wherever you're destined to be - you will be. It is up to you to find peace whatever your circumstances - because if your not happy WITHIN yourself - moving somewhere you don't belong isn't going to help. So be "you" - and find peace from WITHIN. Don't believe any of the self-proclaimed prophets - especially those who say - go here or go there to meet the "messiah" - because more than likely he will be just another "idiot" that claims to be "Messiah"!


And if you honestly believe in all that garbage that the "Messiah" or "the end of the world" is coming - then why on earth are you wasting the last precious moments of your life on Earth doing stupid things. Why are you sitting in your boring office - working hard to make money - for a future that won't exist. If you believe in the "Messiah" stop pursuing a materialistic life !


For "people" who believe it's the end coming - why are you sitting in your offices playing with yourself - surely you should be OUT there enjoying the last few weeks of your life on Earth? Obviously and truthfully - even YOU don't believe it's the end - as your actions are contradicting your words.


"The Awakening to the next levels"

Everyday of every month and year - the awakening is - raising awareness and consciousness of the world


However, I must say that whenever there's "stuff" that's filling the minds of people on Earth - it shows me a "sign". Do you remember the fuss they made of the end-of-the-world on 21st December 2012? Indeed - Saturn in Scorpio - from 5th October 2012 => 17th September 2015 - defined learning about ourselves - through death and transformation - it was as if Saturn in Scorpio - ensured - everyone took a "step-out" of life - in order to "think", change and transform - and made some people worry too much and become too gloomy and pessimistic.


Astrologically - due to outer planets of Pluto in Capricorn , Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in negative star sign of death and transformation of Scorpio - during Summer 2015 it made people "believe" in that dead-end nonsense again.


During Saturn in Sagittarius - 2015 -2017 - and Saturn in Capricorn 2017 -2020 - an aura of optimism anc truthful clarity envelopes the aura of the whole world.


Even so - the same sign that I learnt in - 21st December 2012 applies now too - that is life is a precious gift and each month of each year should be treasured and enjoyed as a gift - because according to the "nonsense" - it could all end suddenly.


Yes - if "they" believed the garbage "they" wrote - then they'd do something enjoyable and worthwhile with their last few weeks on Earth. You don't have to change your whole life - except change your attitude to the gift of life and BEGIN TO LOVE LIFE - LOVE EVERY MOMENT OF LIFE.


Saturn in Sagittarius from 17th September 2015 => December 2017 & Saturn in Capricorn December 2017 => March 2020 the whole world will be changing and a new level of enlightenment will be attained - the destined karmic journey forward is moving forward for everyone.


However, and this is my main point - according to the Book of Daniel, the gospels and the Bible - that "no-one knows the date and the time of the Lord" - so it's wrong to even attempt to predict and guess when the "end" will be - all we have to do is ACCEPT life and ENJOY the gift of life - with gratitude and love for the blessings each of us has - none of us can change the destiny of the world.



The End-of-Times Vision of the Book of Daniel ספר דניאל

We will NOT be rescued by ONE man proclaiming to be "Messiah" but

EVERYONE will become spiritually enlightened in the Last Generation


המשכילים יזהירו כזוהר הרקיע ומצדיקי הרבים ככוכבים לעולם ועד

"The enlightened wise people shall shine as the brightness of the sky; and they shall turn the multitudes of many people

to righteousness, and everyone will shine like each star in the sky shines for ever and ever"

דניאל פרק יב פסוק ג Book of Daniel 12 verse 3 - The Pathway to Spiritual Enlightenment.



Verse 7 Psalm 72 - In his days shall the righteous flourish; and abundance of peace so long as the moon endures.
Explanations:- the hebrew word for "he" and "his" has double meaning - referring to GOD - the Divine creator - the Universe which includes the Moon and Earth - as the synchronicity of life - means it's all together - each planet, the Sun , the Moon and life on Earth - are all connected - there's no one without the other - and when the day and time of the Lord - comes - to reset this small Universe - and create another Universe is beyond our comprehension - UNTIL it happens - for each of us are all just small pieces in the collective infinity of infinity.



The karmic Choice has been made for humanity - but that doesn't stop individuals from being enlightened

"If it's not yet a happy ending - then it's not yet - the end"


Whilst it might appear that the collective consciousness of the world still has "choice" - the current pathway the world has chosen is one of "party until the end". Whereas many years ago - it would have been worth awakening people to become spiritually enlightened - with "signs" and "messages" - with thunder and lightening - it's clear that the alternative version is in progress. That too is destined. Even so the spiritual option is always available to everyone who wants. Soon - according to both Psalm72 and Book of Daniel - everyone - will be wanting "it".


The רכי האמת לאור הגנוז - "The Pathways to Spiritual Enlightenment" - explains the most profound "Book of Daniel" who explains that there are infinite number of pathways to spiritual enlightenment for the Last Generation - דור אחרון - there's only one end result and when you have found "it".

You'll know "it" when you've found "it" - as you'll feel that the spirituality you've been looking for is not in any specific place, nor anywhere specific, nor in any man-made religion - but "it" is WITHIN YOU - yourself - the hidden light - דרכי האמת לאור הגנוז - your own unique spiritual connection to the Eternal Divine Creator of the Universe. Individually and collectively - everyone is the journey to finding "it".


We are indeed - living in the transitional phase of humanity when eternal spiritual enlightenment replaces the beliefs of dead-ends. In fact the truth is this World is not a dead-end - it is a pathway to the Eternal Divine Spirit World of Souls.


Ofcourse - selfish earthly materialistic people believe this world is a dead-end - hence they will always panic and worry for their own selfish lives - "they" won't be thinking of others - which proves - "they" are on a deceptive wrong pathway. Because Psalm72 defines an ALL INCLUSIVE vision for the end of the world - inclusive of everyone, every nation of every country in the world.


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם